11/28; closed

12/24; close at 2pm
lunch til 1.30pm

12/25; closed

12/31; close at 3pm
lunch til 2.30pm

1/1; closed


M-TH, 9-4;
lunch 11-3

FRI, 9-5;
lunch 11-4

SAT, 9-5;
lunch 11-4

SUN, 9-5;
lunch 11-4


Large groups please call ahead and use your most impressive speaking voice.



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The London Tea Room
Privacy Policy



Your identity is safe with us because we don't know who you are.

To wit:

Information collected by or through The Royal We on Her Royal Website is as follows:

Your email: We offer you the option of sending us your email address to learn more about special offers and events. This information is not shared with any other party and is not used by us in any other way. Which means no birthday e-cards. Sorry, but our respect for your privacy will be your only birthday gift from Us.

Your money: Sales are conducted by PayPal on their secure server. No credit card information is collected by us and address information we receive from PayPal is used for shipping purposes only.

We are then provided with your shipping address. We will use this address in no other way than to ship your tea to you. So: no flowers or chocolates for Valentine's Day, but we won't be hitting you up for candy on Halloween either.


The Management
The London Tea Room